Youth Productive

Empowering young Nigerians in the areas of Jobs, Entrepreneurship & Social Change


In Nigeria today, there is an epidemic of youth unemployment. After the initial joy of graduating from university with a degree, some even have Masters degrees, many young Nigerians find themselves in a state of despair as they are unable to secure a job for years afterwards.

At YouthProductive, we are a small group of Nigerians passionate about inspiring our youth and empowering them in the areas of employment, entrepreneurship and social change. We believe that no youth in Nigeria should be idle, but should be positively productive.

This blog aims to inform on opportunities for young Nigerians to elevate themselves out of unemployment and find something to be involved in – whether that is finding a job, volunteering, getting involed in social change projects, or equipping them to start their own businesses.

It is just our little way of giving back to our country and helping to build up the next generation who are our future.


If you are a writer and are interested in contributing to this blog, please send an email to