Today we are excited to introduce to you one of Ibadan’s exquisite cake bakers, Bukola  Alimat Fadahunsi, the brain behind CaramelLimaCakes. Though possessing an academic background in Linguistics and Tourism Development, she has displayed excellent creativity in cake baking and decorating. Since the launching of CaramelLima Cakes in 2014, she has been baking, decorating and experimenting with new ideas.  Read on to learn more about CaramelLima Cakes.

Tell us about CaramelLima Cakes, how did it come about?

I have always been interested in baking since when I was in the Secondary school.  During my NYSC programme, I went for formal training. I learnt baking for a year before I established CaramelLima Cakes in 2014.



How would you describe your baking and decorating style?

I would describe my baking and decorative style as creative, experimental, fun and trendy. I try new recipes and also modify old recipes just to see how they would turn out. I like to keep my baking style exciting and I try to keep up with what is in vogue in the cake world. That is my style.


In your opinion, what is the hardest thing being a baker?

I personally think the hardest thing about being a baker is the fact that it is really time consuming and requires lots of energy. It requires that you use your body heavily, especially your hands. Sometimes I wake up groaning because my body hurts so badly, but when the cake comes out beautiful and I see the smiling faces of customers then I get relieved and it makes the stress worth it.



What do you think are the most important skills to have as a baker?

Creativity is a very important skill to have as a baker and you must be able to think outside the box all the time. You also have to be resilient as a baker because it is not easy. You will almost get worn out but your resilience will keep you going. A baker should be willing to learn always to keep up with the trends.


What challenges have you faced as a young entrepreneur in Nigeria?

Capital has been the greatest of all the challenges. Yes, your skills are very important, but then you need money to get the business running smoothly. Money is needed for so many things such as equipment, advertisements and some many other things. In a country like Nigeria, there is no such thing as 24-hour power supply; I have had to spend so much on fuel and other essential items to get my job done. But the biggest of all the challenges I have encountered since the beginning of CaramelLima Cakes still remains financial constraints.


Do you have any tips or advice for others who are looking to start their own cake business?

If you are looking to start your own cake business, the idea looks good on paper, but no doubt you will encounter some challenges when you start to implement the idea. It is good for every aspiring cake baker to know that it takes a while before you start making profit. And no doubt, you will make mistakes. But don’t give up. There is no perfect person on earth so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you are confused. Also, don’t be afraid to name your price, it is better than running at a loss. Advertising is important, make good use of every opportunity and medium to market your business. Lastly, always pay attention to details.


What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneur?

It is not going to be very easy but it is going to worth it in the end. So pursue your dream.


For more information about CaramelLima Cakes, please visit her Instagram page

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