“Nigeria is a fantastically corrupt country”, this remark was made by the immediate past Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Corruption is like an epidemic in Nigeria that has ravaged both the leaders and the led. The scale of corruption in Nigeria have left many, particularly young persons, disillusioned about the future of the country. Yet all hope is not lost, as there is room for change, with young Nigerians pioneering the change. It is against this background that the book, “Rage for Change”, published in 2008   by LEAP Africa, provides inspiration and tools to convince young Nigerians that they can be instruments of change.

In very simple and clear language, the book pictures different socio-economic problems faced by the Nigeria citizenry while urging readers to be angered at the country’s current situation and stirred into action to occasion a paradigm shift that will make the country better. The book uses real life stories and ‘change projects’ of some young Nigerians, to show that it is possible to implement social intervention programmes even as a young person without any political influence.  One of the real scenarios featured in this book tells of how Nasiru Datti and his team developed a workshop to persuade parents in his neighbourhood about the benefits of enrolling their daughters in school. Although he faced opposition, at least sixteen young girls who were previously out of school were enrolled in school because of Nasiru’s effort. These real scenarios of young Nigerians implementing social change interventions debunk some of the excuses young people give for not getting involved in the shaping of Nigeria’s future.

The book provides young people who want to make a difference in their communities with the tools they need to do so. There are various several suggestions of how you can contribute to your community, such as volunteering or making donations. It also clearly outlines guiding principles to help young people execute social intervention programmes in Nigeria. This book leaves you with the urge to think about ways you can be an agent of change in Nigeria.

My perspective toward life changed after I came across this book.  Reading this book made an impressive impact on me. It changed the mindset I have toward leadership roles in Nigeria.  This book has inspired me to take a stand for change in my community. To young Nigerians who believe they are too young to make a change in this country, this book will change that mindset. Reading this book will leave you motivated to make a difference. Rage for Change is a guide for young Nigerians who desires to make a difference.The book is available at Leap Africa Limited located at 13, Omorinre Johnson Street, off Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Image Credit: http://www.okadabooks.com