Youth unemployment has a negative effect not only on Nigeria’s economic growth but also poses a threat to country’s security. To tackle youth unemployment in Nigeria, the Federal Government has launched various programmes. Among the recent efforts was the creation of the YouWiN! Programme  in 2011.

YouWiN! is an innovative business plan competition aimed at job creation by encouraging and supporting aspiring entrepreneurial youth in Nigeria to develop and execute business ideas. The goal of the programme is to provide financial support to aspiring Nigerian youth in the form of grants. The programme provides aspiring youth with a platform to showcase their business expertise, skills, and aspirations to business leaders, investors, and mentors in Nigeria.

Award recipients of this programme are given grant funds according to the needs of the business and specific objectives stated in the business plan.  Below mentioned are some individual profiles and success stories of award recipients of the YouWiN! programme.

Nissi Oluseyi-Oden Ibiang

Founder, Lorenissi Creche and Preschool

A few years ago, Nissi managed a daycare centre but was constrained by lack of funds and was forced to close down. With the advent of the YouWiN! programme, she re-established a crèche in Calabar, Cross River state. Nissi used her grant funds to provide space to accommodate her daycare and pre-school activities. She currently has 7 employees and is looking to recruit a nurse so she can provide the best care for the children at her daycare.

Benjamin Obi

Prior to the YouWiN! programme introduced by the Federal Government of Nigeria, Benjamin Obi’s business was virtually non-existent, largely due to a lack of finance to move the business forward. Through the YouWiN! programme, he was able to expand his television drama series to many stations, making the adverts revenue increase by 75%. He has also made sales outside of Nigeria, having sold 78 episodes to Katter James in Ghana. With YouWiN! funds, he purchased high definition production equipment and obtained licensure as a National Distributor of Films & Video works by the National Film and Video Censors Board. He now has nine (9) full-time permanent employees, twenty (20) part-time employees and supports over fifty (50) indirect jobs for Nigerian youth.

Abdulmalik Abubakar

He is a farmer and also one of the beneficiaries of the YouWiN! grant. With his wide knowledge of animal farming, Abdulmalik saw the YouWiN! programme as an opportunity to grow his business. He used his grant to acquire space in order to rear chickens, catfish, grass cutters, rabbits and snails. Abdulmalik supplies his major food outlets in his community and has a total of 7 permanent and 2 casual staffs. Abdulmalik’s dream of becoming an integrated farmer is fast becoming a reality thus, encouraging him towards expanding into crop farming such as rice, cassava and maize. Abdulmalik’s farm is located in Kagini (Kubwa), Abuja.

To be eligible for the YouWiN! Business Plan Competition you must satisfy the following criteria

  • You must be a proven citizen of Nigeria no older than 45 years (proof of identity: International passport/Drivers License/National ID/Voters card required)
  • You must have a post-secondary school qualification
  • Your proposed business venture must be within the national borders of Nigeria, and with the intention of employing Nigerian citizens.
  • Your proposed venture must not entail the production or distribution of weapons, alcoholic beverages, tobacco or/and gambling, or any activities in contradiction with the Nigerian constitution
  • You must prepare an innovative business concept summary


For more information on how to apply for this programme, please visit