The list was compiled by Mfonobong Nseche, a Forbes online contributor. Every year since 2013, he assembles a list of 30 incredible young entrepreneurs, all under the age of 35, who are making the most dramatic impact on the growth of economies across Africa. The chronicle of successful African enterprises and the entrepreneurs behind them is not only told to showcase these successful entrepreneurs, but also to get start-up entrepreneurs inspired by their success stories. It is amazing to know that some of the five Nigerians who made the 2017 list are first generation entrepreneurs. In the face all the formidable challenges associated with being an entrepreneur in Nigeria, they remained headstrong, fighting against all odds.

Aigbe Omoregie 

Founder, Intercontinental Paints

The 34 year-old Nigerian entrepreneur is the founder of Intercontinental Paints, a fast-growing paint manufacturing company based in Lagos. He founded the company in 2006 with a little over $100 in savings, and the company has employed more than 50 people since its inception.

Nichole Onome Yembra

Managing Partner, GreenHouse Capital

Nichole Onome Yembra, 29, is the Chief Financial, Risk and Investment Officer for Venture Garden Group (VGG) and a Managing Partner at GreenHouse Capital, VGG’s investment arm. When Nichole joined the VGG and Greenhouse Capital teams, she guided the formal legal structure of the fund and led the investment into 8 new ventures in 2016, raising the group to the 14 companies it has today.Read More..

Onyekachi Ekezie

Founder, Kaptain Foods

Onyekachi Ekezie, 33, is the founder of Kaptain Foods, a Nigerian food processing company that produces a range of pre-cooked and packaged ready to eat tomato stews using locally grown fresh produce and spices.

Chude Jideonwo & Adebola Williams

Founders, RED

Jideonwo (32) and Williams (31) are co-founders and partners of RED-a leading full service media-content, communication and development company in Nigeria. RED is a network of four media companies focused on inspiring Africa’s youth. Read More…

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